CHiP/CPP Data Protection Policy

Version 1.0
Last revised on 20th March 2018 by Judice Koh and Giri Periyasamy (GIS) and approved by Ng Huck Hui (GIS)


The purpose of this document (“CHiP/CPP Screening Data Protection Policy”) is to inform you of how the Centre for High-throughput Phenomics (CHiP) and Computational Phenomics Platform (CPP) (collectively referred to herein as “platforms”, “we”, “us” or “our”) manage (1) screening information submitted by individuals using the services of the platforms (referred to herein as “screeners”, “you” or “your”) and (2) screening data generated by the screener using the platforms (referred to herein as “your screening data”).


This policy governs the collection, use and disclosure of information and data submitted to us for screening purposes. This policy also governs the retrieval, processing, and confidentiality of the screening data generated by the platforms.

Privacy and Confidentiality

1. Confidentiality of Screening Data
Access to your screening information and your screening data made available on the CHiP-GIS Database Portal ( and in any form generated by the CHiP platform (e.g. excel sheets) is only granted to you and the database administrators of Computational Phenomics Platform (specifically Ms. Jane Chan and Dr. Judice Koh) for administrative purposes.

2. Use and Disclosure of Screening Data
Screening Data will only be disclosed to the screener for the purposes for which it is generated and for which consent has been obtained upon application of the screening services. The data will not be disclosed to affiliates of the CHiP or CPP platforms, other labs in GIS or third party service providers of the platforms.

3. Care of Screening Data
We take full responsibilities of putting in place security arrangements to protect your screening data and to prevent any unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

4. Administration of Screening Data
We take efforts to ensure that your Screening Data is accurate and complete, and will not be modified by us or any unauthorized parties without your written consent.
We periodically review the screening data stored in the CHiP-GIS Database to determine if it is still needed. Screening data will be retained only for as long as the purpose for which it was generated remains and until it is no longer necessary for any other scientific purposes. Where the Screening Data is no longer required, it will be archived.
You may at any time with reasonable notice request to delete or replace your screening data in the CHiP-GIS Database Portal.

5. Exceptions
You may at any time make a special request to grant the access of your Screening Data to other specified Screeners with written consent (“CHiP/CPP Data Sharing Consent Form” to be provided).

You may download a copy of the policy here.