High Throughput Robotics

HTS technologies available at CHiP

At CHiP-GIS, HTS automation systems are enabling us to meet user demands of greater flexibility in assay development involving complex cellular disease models.

Janus extended Liquid Handing Workstation integrated with Plate stack and LPX220 Plate Storage Carousel is housed in a HEPA filtration enclosures. Providing 32 on deck plate capacity and dynamic volume range with 8-Channel VariSpan, MDT 96- and 384-well pipetting.

Primary Uses
  • Cell / Enzyme based screening
  • Cherry picking siRNA/Small Molecule hits
  • Library reformatting 96 well to 384 well format
  • Reagent dispensing in 96/384 well formats
  • P235 Head: 96-channel head for high volumes from 5 µL to 235 µL
  • P30 Head: 384-channel head for volumes from 0.3 µL to 30 µL

Fully automated bench top liquid handling system with interchangeable heads. Under clean environment that facilitate sterile conditions for drug addition and Plate labelling.

Nine position deck configurable for a wide range of options and integrated with the Agilent Benchcel™ 4R robotic stacker system and VWorks™ software.

BenchCel is also integrated with Agilent PlateLoc and Agilent Microplate Labeller to enable automated microplate sealing and barcode labelling in higher throughput manner.

Primary Uses
  • Cell based screening
  • Small molecule / low volume addition
  • Reagent dispensing in 96/384 well formats
  • 96LT Head:96-channel head for high volumes from 1 µL to 200 µL
  • 96ST Head:96-channel head for low volumes from 300 nL to 10 µL
  • 384ST Head:384-channel head for volumes from 200 nL to 10 µL

Labcyte Echo 550 - Automated Acoustic Liquid Transfer

Acoustic liquid handling is changing how researchers are doing science. The precise nL transfer volumes, the any-well-to-any-well transfer capability, and flexible applications software of the Echo 550 Liquid Handler enables researchers to set up experiments not possible with traditional liquid handling.

You can work with DMSO or aqueous solvents.

Primary Uses
  • Cell based screening / Combination Drug testing
  • Small molecule / Ultra-low volume addition
  • Plate stamping & cherry-picking
  • Dose response titrations
  • Working volumes: 2.5 - 250 nL