General Screening Questions

How to apply for a screen?
To apply for a screen, simply download the following Form ( Word document) and email return as an attachment to:
The information/data provided in the application will be held in strict confidence .If you would like to discuss any matters before application, please feel free to contact the CHiP-GIS, Dr Giridharan Periyasamy.

Who can use the CHiP-GIS platform?
We encourage all academic/Industry researchers to use the resources available at the GIS- CHiP platform.

What is the cost of performing a screen at the CHiP-GIS Facility?
The screening fees for the various libraries are listed here. Please contact us for more details at

How do I apply to do a screen?
Our screening application is here. Please note that assay optimization in a 96/384-well format is critical for approval. Signed copies of our data sharing agreement.

Will the facility carry out my screen?
We are happy to assist academic investigators in their high throughput screening projects by providing pre-aliquotted libraries and training in the use of our high throughput equipment. We can also provide logistical, technical, and bioinformatic support in order to assist screeners in optimising/performing their genome-scale suppressor and enhancer screens or small molecule screens.

How long does screening take?
Please see our order of screening events page. Generally, a plate reader based screen will take about one month and a visual screen, six to ten weeks to complete.

How I sign up/cancel my equipment reservation?
Equipment signup is through our website. If you need to cancel your equipment reservation, please let us know 6808 8000 or at
Screeners with multiple cancellations or tardiness may be suspended from using the facility. All reservations require 72 hour advance signup.


What do I need to buy?
Because we purchase consumables and some reagents at a discount, we track and bill screeners for what has been used during the course of their screen. Reagents such as cells, media, transfection reagents, and antibodies are the responsibility of the screener and should be sent to the GIS-CHiP for their screen. Also, screeners will need to bring a media storage device for data storage. A final list of supplies will be drafted when scheduling your screen.

How will I be trained on the machines that I need to use?
Core staff will provide basic training to get you started on the machines. However, prior to coming in for a screen, please contact the staff to discuss the equipment you will be using.

Data Storage

How do I store the data from my screen? What are the allowed file formats?
Please refer to the types of screens to check the file sizes. Typically, you can bring a media storage device to take a copy of your data with you. Data from our systems will be deleted after a week. The data submission should be done in an Excel format. You can upload the relevant file(s) by signing into your account. Please contact us should you have any problems in uploading and/or viewing your data.